Is there a minimum amount of time I have them for?

Yes 2hrs is the minimum time we come to clean your home.

Do I get the Angels phone number & contact them if I have any questions or change days etc?

Everything is done via the office, so please call 0402 694 454, with any queries or requests & they can help you.

What if I am sick or away & need to cancel?

We have now had to put a cancellation policy in place.

If you cancel your cleaning on the day of the clean or after 5pm on the previous business day there is a 50% charge.

If you cancel the previous business day of when your clean is due there is a $50 charge.

Do you use your cleaning products or mine?

Whatever you prefer. The choice is yours.

How do you screen your Angels?

Everyone is interviewed, identification checked, police checked & contract signed ensuring they understand their obligations. On their 1st week they work with another Angel.

Do I need to be home when they come?

It is entirely up to you. You can either provide a key, leave a key out or be at home. Whatever is easier for you.

How do I pay?

You can leave cash with the cleaner or electronic transfer – details are provided in your communication book. Whichever you prefer.

Can I change my Angel if I’m unhappy?

Absolutely, we do contact you to see if you’re 100% happy, this is when we can iron out any little problems but we can change the Angel if necessary, not a problem.

What if something is damaged?

Your Domestic Angels has public liability insurance with CGU for $10 million so if anything is broken or damaged we will replace it for you asap. (OR if you want to buy it & we will reimburse you)

What happens with public holidays or over Christmas?

We try our best to ensure you don’t miss out with public holidays so will change your day on that week, at Christmas we do close down for 10 days but back early January. Everyone will be contacted prior to the Christmas break.

We hope that has answered most of your questions but if not please call us on 0402694454 or email us at info@yourdomesticangels.com.

Look forward to hearing from you.