Cleaning Services

Weekly or Fortnightly House Cleaning

$35 per hr

You have the same Angel, same time, same day cleaning your home.

Initially someone will come & meet with you to find out exactly what you want. They will suggest how many hours you will need or sometimes you have a budget you want us to keep to, the choice is yours. We decided to charge by the hour as cleaning needs can change from week to week, so you have the flexibility as to choose what gets cleaned ie spare rooms if guests are coming.

You are also given a communication book.

We ask you to provide the cleaning products & we provide the cleaning tools, ie cloths, scrubbers, window wiper, mop, vacuum etc

This is $35 per hr minimum of 2hrs, if you have a large home we will send in 2 ladies as this is more productive.

We do charge a $10 fee if an Angel comes to your home & they are not able to get in or turned away at the door. (This covers their petrol/time.)


Occasional House Cleaning

$40 per hr

This cleaning service is for when you don’t want a regular service, we do ask for a weeks’ notice to ensure we can fit you into the schedule.

We provide all cleaning products & cleaning tools. Please make sure the house is reasonably tidy so we can clean!

This is $40 per hr, minimum of 2hrs

Maid Service

$40 per hr

This is a very flexible service, it includes cleaning, washing dishes, making beds, hanging out, folding & putting away washing, tidying your home for you. This is only available for  weekly or fortnightly clients.

This is $40 per hr, minimum of 2hrs

We do charge a $10 fee if an Angel comes to your home & they are not able to get in or turned away at the door. (This covers their petrol/time.)


Mummy Maid Service Package

This is a great present to give to a lady who is about to give birth or has just had a baby. We know how difficult it is to do the day to day chores when heavily pregnant or having a new born to look after. Ideal as a Baby Shower Gift, gift certificate provided, then we come to the house, can clean, tidy, do washing, run errands. This is a prepaid service (& can have multiple payments as normally a few people pay for this special treat for their friend/loved one)


2hrs weekly

4 weeks – $320, 6 weeks – $470

2.5hrs weekly

4 weeks – $375, 6 weeks – $550

3hrs weekly

4 weeks – $440, 6 weeks – $650

End of Lease Cleaning $44 per hr

Once again this is a flexible service, we can either clean the whole house for you or if you want to save money you can have an Angel come in & give you a hand (do the bathrooms & kitchen, the worse jobs!)

For full house cleaning 2-3 Angels will be booked to clean your home, so we ask for at least 1weeks notice please. Tax invoice is available on request.

Window Cleaning

Please call/text & a free quote is provided.

Carpet Cleaning

$25 per room – our carpet cleaning is done using a ”dry” system, therefore can be walked on nearly immediately & less disruption to your household.